The page Lettering Engraving was added to this blog to provide a handy alphabet reference for the glass engraver. This page will contain links with images to the alphabets listed in this book.


Following you will find the foreword written in 1914 by F. Delamotte.

dropcaps there are no works of Ancient Alphabets of any excellence published in a cheap form, I have been induced, after many years’ study and research in my profession as a Draughtsman and Engraver, to offer this collection to the favorable notice of the public, trusting that its very moderate price and general usefulness will be a sufficient apology for the undertaking.
The demand for a Fourth Edition within so short a period of the publication of the Third, has convinced me in the most agreeable manner that it has been a work required by the public. To render it still more worthy of their attention, I have here introduced some additions, likely to enhance the interest and increase the value of the pages, as an indication of the esteem in which I have held the encouragement, and the respect I have paid to the suggestions of the purchasers of this book, and the critics by whom it has been so liberally reviewed.


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