While the previous parts of this mini-tutorial (An Engraving Project – Part 1 and An Engraving Project – Part 2) covered the design and engraving in this final part I like to outline the process on finalizing the engraving, aka transforming it into a finished product available for purchase.

My Goal in presenting the engraving consisted in something simple yet elegant. This is best achieved with a white background and a simple black frame. Therefore, I decided not to use glass paint but rather rub N Buff as enhancement for the engraving. After experimenting with some of the different colors (if you don’t like it, Rub N Buff can be removed with nail polish remover). I came up with the following solution.

After trying out brown, it did not quite look as good as I thought it would. See the example below.


Brown on a white background


Since black shows up as black and the glass has a slight green tint, I decided on the use of Spanish Copper, which gives me an excellent result for the final on a white background. Below you will see the look on a black background. This is mainly meant for demonstration, so you see the different impacts a background can have.


Spanish Copper on Black background

The final result with the Spanish copper on a white background is as follows.


The final piece

This brownish black look is what I was after and I am pleased with the result. It is now  available in my etsy shop.





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