While some of the basics were outlined in the post  An Engraving Project – Part 1, in this second part, I will go into more detail on how the engraving was actually done.


First of all I want to provide a small overview on the equipment, I am using. All engraving is done with a high-speed engraver running at 400,000 RPM with a 1 CFM super-quite compressor. All polishing is done with a Dremel handheld running at 1/10 of this speed. Sometimes the Dremel is louder than the compressor.

After placing the image under the glass (I actually like to use a clipboard for this where the image and the glass are fixed). I started the engraving of the image in reverse. Additionally, I tape the image to the glass but only on one edge and leave enough space so I can flip it on the other side when I look at the image how it will be in final with a white background.

Burrs used for Engraving

For the actual engraving there were only 3 burrs used:

  1. A Pencil Point Diamond for the Outline.
  2. The Inverted Cone Carbide for all lines.
  3. A football Diamond for shading some of the areas.


While the engraving was checked often, I also checked it against a black background repeatedly, to get a better view on my lines as shown in the following image.


Checking the engraved lines


Polishing the Engraving

Prior to the actual polishing, I took a metal brush and then a nylon brush to the engraved parts to remove all pieces of loose glass from the engraving. The metal as well as the nylon brush are shaped like a toothbrush (that’s what the nylon one was) and the metal one comes from a firearm cleaning kit.


After this was done, the engraving was washed off and dried.

I then proceeded to the actual polishing. For this I used the bits and buffing paste highlighted in the following image with a red frame.


Polishing Kit

In the third and final part, I will go over the finalization prior to making it available in the store.








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