For this week, the product is a piece of art. Papel Picado – Bringing Paper to Glass. This Papel Picado design was transferred to framed glass for a 8″ by 10″ size and depicts a scene with some people riding in a carriage pulled by a horse, and all are represented as skeletons. After preparing the stencil, the stencil was applied to the glass and the remainder taped off. This was followed by the spreading of etching cream and after the appropriate time, the rinsing off in water. Finally, the design was enhanced with the use of Rub N Buff to make it stand out and then the glass was inserted back into the frame.
Note: Made from imported carnauba waxes, fine metallic powders, and select pigments, Rub ‘n Buff gives almost any surface a new look in minutes. This unique blend gives objects decorated with Rub ‘n Buff a finish that no paint can duplicate. However, I highly recommend to use Rub N Buff only for presentation pieces and not for pieces which will be used on a daily basis.
Papel Picado Design on Glass

Note: Papel Picado is considered a traditional Mexican folk art technique of paper cutting. Generally, Papel Picado designs are not cut from paper with knives or scissors, but with chisels. The themes vary, and some of the most interesting are the ones dedicated to the Day of the Dead (a Mexican public holiday) that usually display scenes from everyday life where humans and animals are represented as skeletons.


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