The following series of posts will describe the way, I approach any glass engraving project. This might be useful for others who are interested.

This particular project is part of a series of five engravings depicting Native American images.

Determining the size

The size selected for this series is to be framed in 8 by 10 inches picture frames. The size of the artwork was based on a few considerations:

  1. People like art but they are limited in their endeavor by space.
  2. If someone wants a series of art pieces to display on a wall, they should be able to do so for their enjoyment.
  3. Glass engravings are different in as far as color is concerned. The backing brings out the engraving.

Selecting the designs

One of the great challenges in any glass engraving project consists in the fact that engravers often have to adapt the design to the glass instead of the glass being adapted to the design. While this is not an issue if you have your own kiln, that’s not always an option.

For this particular series, the size selected was to fit it into a 8 inch  by 10 inch frame. Having finalized the size, I am now able to actually start looking into the designs, that I would like to bring to life.


Image 1 of 5 for the Native American Series


Having decided on the actual image to be engraved for the first engraving, the image was flipped (reduced above, hence the low quality) for engraving from behind.

Now that these early decisions have been made, the actual engraving can start and this will be part of the second part.


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